ENTRAsys+ RX radio receiver

ENTRAsys+ RX radio receiver | 868,95 MHz | black/red 1-channel 112 memories | in installation housing f hollow profile
Article number
Technical data
Nenn.Spann.Bereich 1 12-24 V
Device Typ ENTRAsys+ RX Haustür Empfänger
Systemcode SOMloq2 SOMMER
SOMloq2 compatible ja
Rückmeldung Empfang Vibration
Strg. parametriebar SOMlink
Temperature max. 65 °C
Temperature min. - 25 °C
Package size 130x64x155 mm
Modulation Funk FM
IP protection IP20
Channel 1 Kanal
Somloq compatible nein
Radio frequency 1 868,950 MHz SOMloq2
Radio type RX08-868-1
loading spinner
Type Description Language File extension File size

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