4-channel radio receiver SOMcom4

SOMcom4 radio receiver | 868,95MHz NEUTRAL version IP55 ML | grey 4-channel 40 memories
Article number
  • Simple conversion of external operators and easy changing of the radio frequency
  • Suitable for special applications (not suitable as tubular motor controller)
  • Optional feedback via transmitter when the sent command has been processed by the receiver
  • Option of channel relay status query via transmitter (e.g. Pearl Status)
  • Ideal as substitute for a rod antenna: increase in range due to hop function. There is no need to programme transmitters on the radio receiver.
  • Integrated antenna
  • Memory: 40 radio commands can be programmed
  • Slot for Memo memory extension (450 radio commands)
  • Power supply: AC 230 V or AC/DC 12–24 V ±20 %
  • Area of application: indoor and outdoor use
  • Control output: 4 potential-free relay contacts (change-over, 8 A, AC 250 V)
  • Pulse input: connection option for a potential-free pulse input
  • Connection: screw terminals
  • connectible cable: up to 2.5 mm² diameter
  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +65 °C
  • Dimensions: 125 × 125 × 60 mm
  •  Operating mode:
    – Impulse mode (jog): Relay activated as long as radio signal is present
    – Defined ON/OFF: command for defined switch-on and command for defined switch-off
    – Switching mode (toggle): Relay can be switched on and off via radio control system, like a surge relay
    – Timed mode (Time): Relay is triggered with radio signal and deactivated after set time (1–255 s)
Technical data
Nenn.Spann.Bereich 1 12-24 V
Device Typ SOMcom4
Systemcode SOMloq2 SOMMER
SOMloq2 compatible ja
Gehä.Farbe Unterteil grau
Gehä.Farbe Oberteil grau
Strg. parametriebar SOMlink
Temperature max. 65 °C
Temperature min. - 20 °C
Package size 130x64x155 mm
Modulation Funk FM
Memory locations radio 40
Transmitter management SOMloq2 868,3 / 868,95 / 922,5 MHz nur wenn MEMO-Steckplatz vorhanden
Nennfreq. (Nenn.Span 50-60 Hz
Nominal voltage 230 V
IP protection IP 55
Channel 4 Kanal
Somloq compatible nein
Art des Produkts Empfänger
Radio frequency 1 868,950 MHz SOMloq2
Radio type RX06-4-TRM02-868
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Type Description Language File extension File size

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