Smart Home solution SOMweb

SOMweb is the secure smart home solution that keeps the data in the garage. The system allows you to control operators via a smartphone app or a web browser.
Article number
  • Smart Home solution; FM 868.95 MHz; WiFi
  • Operators, barriers and roller door control units can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC
  • For operators, barriers and roller door control units with SOMloq2 radio system
  • To find out whether your product is compatible with SOMweb, see
Technical data
Nenn.Spann.Bereich 1 100-240 V
Device Typ SOMweb
Systemcode SOMloq2 SOMMER
Temperature max. 40 °C
Temperature min. 0 °C
Package size 253x125x23 mm
Modulation Funk FM
Netzstecker Eurostecker
Nennfreq. (Nenn.Span 50-60 Hz
IP protection IP 20
Radio frequency 1 868,950 MHz SOMloq2
Radio type TRM01-868
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